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Gourmet Canadiana is a one-stop-shop for Cheena Smoked Salmon and Maple Terroir Maple Products. Find delicious Canadian-made specialty food items for everyday enjoyment or for any special occasion.  
Adam Grant Horne photo with Georgina Abrams Lytton painting

Our History


Cheena means "The Best Salmon" or "The Silvery Salmon" in the Haida language of British Columbia's West Coast.


Cheena has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Vancouver, British Columbia. When founders Wayne and Kaori Lytton first started out in 1978, they had a vision of producing authentic British Columbian products using homegrown raw materials and bringing these to the domestic and international marketplace. Thus, Cheena was born. Strongly influenced by a personal connection to Pacific West Coast history, evident in their logo design and product packaging,  the company focused on retail and export of premium smoked salmon and seafood. 

Shortly thereafter, Wayne and Kaori decided to expand their business to include Canadian maple syrup and other maple products. Inspired by the French concept "terroir", a belief that the combination of soil, region, climate in which a food is grown gives it unique characteristics and affects the flavour and overall quality, they established the Maple Terroir brand.

The conviction of producing something authentic and genuine has not changed over the years.  Wayne and Kaori's son, Shawn, took over the reins many years ago steering Cheena and Maple Terroir to continued success. 


Our Mission


For over 43 years, we have taken great pride in the quality of our products and we continue to hold ourselves to a high standard. From using premium, #1 export grade wild salmon caught in the pristine waters off British Columbia's West Coast, to the smoking process using only natural wood smoke, -  Cheena's smoked salmon contains no preservatives, additives, dyes or colouring agents and we don't use liquid smoke - our customers worldwide can be confident in the Cheena brand.

At the same time, we make no compromises when it comes to our Maple Terroir Maple Products. From harvest to production, we ensure each step is followed with meticulous care so that you, our customer, can enjoy the very best quality of pure maple syrup and delicious maple products. We do not blend or add chemicals, bleaching powders or colour preservatives of any kind during the maple syrup production process.

We hope you enjoy Canadiana products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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What our customers are saying...


Best smoked salmon brand on the market! I've been sticking to this brand for many years. Great quality, flavor, aroma, oil content and great value for sure. "     

~Martin, Montreal, QC


" Finally tasted good quality salmon that was smoked properly. I say properly because you can taste and smell a mild smoke to each bite and the texture was firm. No fishy smell or taste like others I've had. All signs of a good quality product. "

~Lars, Nanaimo, BC


" I took back few of your maple cream cookies to give them to my friends but I got hungry on the plane and decided to open one. It was the best cookie I’ve ever had! It was out of this world. Not too sweet, nice maple taste and aroma. "  

~Bennett, San Francisco, CA


" I bought your maple popcorn to give to people as they leave after a visit over the holidays. I wasn’t sure if I should give out bagged popcorn. Then I opened a bag to try it. My goodness....it is very, very good and I know it will be appreciated by all. "

~Lora, Oshawa, ON